• Stepping behind the camera is a natural move for some actors

    L.A. Times Envelope11/27/18

    “I always cringed when I heard about actors who directed,” says John Krasinski. “I remember someone asking me if I would ever direct when I was on ‘The Office,’ and I said, ‘Absolutely not.’ “

    Oh, how times have changed — and not just for Krasinski, who made waves with his writer-director-actor combo this year in “A Quiet Place.” Bradley Cooper is making waves of his own for his directing debut with “A Star Is Born,” and several other actors are taking their own seats in the director’s chair. “Quiet Place” is Krasinski’s third feature outing; Marielle Heller’s second, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” was released last month even as she finishes shooting her third, the untitled Tom Hanks/Mr. Rogers movie; Australian actor Joel Edgerton released his second feature, “Boy Erased,” early this month; and both Paul Dano and Rupert Everett are making their debuts, “Wildlife” and “The Happy Prince,” respectively.

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