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Stories previously published in the Well-Told Tales podcast, 3AM Magazine and Eternity Online, plus some brand-new tales and poetry.


“A nerve-shredding collection of grisly tales, wrapped in Randee Dawn’s sparkling writing. Home For the Holidays is the gift that keeps on giving … white knuckles, creeping dread, sleepless nights.”

– Kevin Colligan, editor, Well-Told Tales

“Dawn has the ability to sink into each of these works through their characters and reveal them from the inside out. That sort of confidence and investment creates a voice for the author that makes me want more. The work reminds me of Peter S. Beagle, who can so easily assume the identity of an old wine-sot sailor, then slide into the mind of a teenage Chicana. How? Teach me this magic!”

EC Ambrose, author of The Dark Apostle series, on Goodreads