Ripped from the headlines

  • 11.20.17 Answers to Award Season Stupid Questions: Kenneth Branagh orients us about Hercule Poirot’s mustache


    One of the more wonderful aspects of award season is I get to ask all of the weird questions of directors, writers, producers and sometimes actors about things that often have nothing to do with the reason I got them on the phone. Here’s the first in what I’m hoping will be an ongoing series as I get answers to all the dumb questions.
    Hercule Poirot’s Gigantic Mustache (Murder on the Orient Express)
    Now, if you know Poirot, he’s the greatest detective ever and knows it, yet is not obnoxiously egocentric. Howeve,r he is vain … and his fussy, oversized ... continue

  • 11.10.17 Fame, Fortune and Fifteen (Dollars)


    Excitement! Fame! Fortune!
    OK, well, mostly just excitement. And “fame” if you don’t mind it in quotation marks. And fortune … well, if $15 counts.
    But I’ll take it!
    A couple quick updates I wanted to share with y’all, so no one can say they are not in the loop.

    I’m No. 2! I’m No. 2!
    My story, “Can’t Keep a Dead Man Down” was one of the first stories Astounding Outpost published in early October, and as per their rules, at the end of the month they a) compiled all the stories (the theme was zombies) into a ... continue

  • World Fantasy Convention 2017


    Thursday, November 2
    3:30 p.m.
    WR – ExecSalon 3
    I will be reading from a short story or a novel!

    Saturday, November 4
    2 p.m.
    Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
    WR – ExecSalon 4
    More reading from me, along with fellow Broads E. C. Ambrose, Elizabeth Crowens, Ellen Denham, J. Tullos Hennig, Paula S. Jordan, Marta Murvosh and Jude-Marie Green.

  • 09.18.17 Was Sterling K. Brown Robbed at the Emmy Awards … Despite Winning One?


    Overall, the 69th Annual Emmy Awards felt like it was doing its level best to underscore diversity on Sunday night. Virtually every set of presenters featured a person of color, or two in many cases; in addition there were several honors that went (most deservedly, but deservedly isn’t always what decides these things) to people of color.
    But perception is often what matters, and even just one misstep can mar an entire evening. Specifically, the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, won by Sterling K. Brown for his This Is Us role. It was the first time in 19 years ... continue

  • 9.07.17 NYRSF Reading in Brooklyn – Randee Dawn and Cassandra Khaw


    In case you missed my New York Review of Science Fiction reading with Cassandra Khaw on Wednesday, September 6, you can now view the whole thing in living color via Livestream!
    Alas, it doesn’t seem that I can embed it here, but just click through and you’ll do fine!

  • 9.05.17 Warning: It may not be the information you seek


    Imagine if someone in charge of your life walked up to you
    And said, “Your days of learning new things are done.
    “Any new things you hear are not real things. From here on forward, you only need know what you personally have experienced
    “And no more.”
    Then this person proceeded to tell you that anyone who tried to share new things was
    A liar
    A charlatan
    Just plain wrong
    Armed with an agenda
    So you shut your ears. Your eyes.
    Your heart.
    Your world turns quiet for a time.
    After all, trapped echoes eventually fade, replaced by silence.

  • 8.21.17 ‘The extent to which you do not see racism does not negate its existence’


    Not that this is the definitive answer to any of what is going on in our country today, but I wanted to preserve and share this particular exchange I had on Facebook recently with someone who’d replied to a post a friend shared. Yes, I succumbed to a bit of “somebody on the internet is wrong!” reaction, but sometimes it’s just hard to ignore.
    The original post/story that was shared is here.
    The comment that was made was this, verbatim:
    I don’t usually post when I disagree. It’s your page and folks generally just don’t want to hear anything but ... continue

  • 7.27.17 ‘Eyes forward, and beyond’: How to parse the attack on trans military


    The attempt to ban transgender people from the military is not to be ignored. But as with anything this administration does, it’s important to think about the why, the why now, and the underlying motive.
    As we all know, one key MO for this administration is to obfuscate and throw up shiny objects in the hopes of distracting. When something isn’t going their way, out comes a searingly incoherent tweet, or a firing, or — in this case — a completely random blast at a vulnerable group close to the opposition’s platform hearts.
    I can’t fathom the minds that ... continue

  • 7.26.17 Read my story ‘The Visitors’ in the new issue of Fantasia Divinity


    Huzzah! My story, “The Visitors,” can now be read at Fantasia Divinity, as part of their July 2017 issue. Thanks to editor Madeline Stout, who saw the beauty in the tale.
    A sample:
    Tales tumbled from Ma’s mouth like ripe fruit from a summer tree. She would pierce each one open with her voice, sending words flowing like juice, and me there to drink in every drop. I received my sweet portion at bedtime as part of the tuck-in ritual, but I had to wait in the near-dark, burrowed and warm under one of her misshapen crocheted throws until she ... continue

  • Confluence (Parsec) 2017


    Friday, August 4
    6 p.m.
    Superhero movies: Why hasn’t the bubble burst?
    Commonwealth East
    JL Gribble (moderator), Timothy Liebe, Randee Dawn, Dame Dahlia
    “Star Wars” initiated a series of Hollywood sf films, and “Halloween” started a craze for slasher films. But in the end, the bubble burst. We’re saturated with superhero movies, television series, and novels. Why hasn’t the bubble burst? Will it burst in the near future?
    7 p.m.
    Animal Characters in Fantasy Stories
    Commonwealth East
    Frederic S. Durbin (moderator), Susan Dexter, Elektra Hammond, Mary Soon Lee, Randee Dawn
    Animals and mythical creatures play an important role in fantasy, ... continue