• 5.4.17 With questions like that, it’s probably best if you stay behind


    During a civilized conversation about the state of the nation recently a friend said to me (paraphrasing): “Yes, but all of these things you’re worried about that 45 is doing or thinking of doing — how are they really going to affect you?”

    I have health care, through my husband’s work. I don’t have kids. Yet I care about health care for others, and I care for not having ignorant, uneducated children running around — on multiple levels. Because that is civilization. Therefore, any knock at those things, is a knock at me.

    But what I’ve been thinking about tonight is how the question reminds me of the Fourth Question from Passover Seder, the one that comes from the wicked child. That child says, “What does all of this mean to you?” By saying “to you,” this child separates himself/herself from all the others celebrating on this night. He/she is told that having done that, had they been around when the Jews were freed from bondage they’d have been left behind.

    By merely looking for what society does *for you* or *against you* to decide how you will react, you’re separating yourself from it — declaring that only the things that directly touch you are worth saving, influencing or believing in. I believe in a society that doesn’t live like “Lord of the Flies.” I believe in one that teaches kids, makes them better human beings. I believe in one that helps those who fall down, get up. And I believe in it whether or not I ever fall down, or have children.

    I do not believe in this president, or his administration. And simultaneously, I don’t think they believe in me — or us — or this country.

    Originally posted on Facebook on May 3, 2017.

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